Using Network Scanners - nmap

By: Julius Santos | Published: January 1, 2023 | Edited: June 10, 2023

  • Kali Linux Virtual Machine

  • Windows Server 2016

NMAP | Scanning for open ports
Obtaining IP Address
  1. Open terminal on Linux machine Command ‘ip addr show eth0
  2. The grep command shown on the image is optional and just cleans up the return for easy reading
  3. Take note of the IP addresses listed for eth0
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Scanning Network

Now we can begin scanning our network using nmap. The command ‘nmap‘ initiates nmap. Nmap will complete a scan of all devices connected on the network. After our scan we can see a list of open Hosts on the network.

After running nmap, I want to target a specific host located at I enter the command ‘nmap -O 10.1.1 6.2‘. This runs an additional scan and attempts to find the operating system running on

We can see that the device at is running a Windows Server 2016. We can also see a list of open ports located on this device. This is good information to discover potential vulnerabilities inside the network.

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We now run an additional scan on the host. This time I specify that I want a list of the top popular ports and see their configuration. I enter the command ‘nmap –top-ports 20

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